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Twitter vs. Musk Case: My Vote for Delaware’s Filthiest Attorney, Kevin Shannon, is About to Get Even Richer

I view as Delaware’s filthiest attorney and his employer—Kevin Shannon and Potter Anderson—are about to cash in, in the Twitter vs. Elon Musk case. Shannon’s relationship with the Chancellor greased the TransPerfect case into a 7-year $250 million of orchestrated corruption in Delaware’s Court of Chancery. Twitter shareholders and employees have no idea what’s about to be unleashed in terms of fees.

Breaking News: Delaware Attorney Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson Filed a New Motion and It Appears that he and Chancellor Bouchard Will Try to Squeeze TransPerfect Once More???

Breaking News, folks: Elizabeth Elting’s attorney Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson has made a new filing in the TransPerfect Global case. The filing allows his best buddy (you guessed it), Chancellor Andre Bouchard, to sink his tentacles into TransPerfect’s company coffers and possibly get the payola flowing out, once again! If the love of money is the…


This is a long piece, but worth reading to understand how the rule of law is now seriously flawed by the inequities of a failed system. Even in little Delaware this growing disease now pervades our society through cronyism, favors, and improprieties I have been writing often about the TransPerfect Global case which has received…