Dear Friends,

The Democrat Party– those Mayors, those Governors, those Prosecutors, those Judges, and those law enforcement officers that carry the water for Joe Biden are more than reprehensible.

The situation is without a doubt becoming very clear that the constitution is being consistently violated, our freedoms are being destroyed, and the United States is becoming a frightening Banana Republic where the controlling Democrat party under Joe Biden has weaponized the Justice System to prosecute political opponents.

The latest event against Donald Trump by the absurd majority of the Colorado Supreme Court (All Democrats) banning him from being on the ballot in that state, is to my knowledge is completely unprecedented. No crime in that state has been committed by Trump. Nothing has been adjudicated, nor has Trump been found guilty of a crime, regardless of possible convictions that could come in NY, Georgia, or by the Federal Government. The jerks that brought forward this outrage and the Judges that voted for this action are operating illegally, and in my opinion, this action will be overturned in the United States Supreme Court.

Why not ban Biden from running for President in all the Red States as he is under possible Impeachment in Congress and investigation for possible serious crimes?? Republicans would never do that! The difference is these despicable and corrupt Democrats are so concerned that Trump will win, they will do anything to try to stop that possibility!! The action in Colorado is outrageous!

Welcome to America! GOD HELP US!

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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