Dear friends,

I can’t thank my readers enough for the massive overflow of responses sent to me after my recent article titled, “Is The Delaware News Journal’s First TransPerfect Article in Over Six Months: Accurate, a Puff Piece or ‘Fake News’? You Decide,” was published. I have enclosed 20 of your top comments and have removed the last names to protect your privacy.

The previous article encompassed several issues, concerning Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court, the new and completely outrageous “contempt of court” charges against TransPerfect (stay tuned for more in-depth coverage), the amazing political ads raising national awareness of issues in Delaware’s Chancery Court by TransPerfect stockholder Shirley Shawe, the mother of CEO Philip Shawe. She bravely calls out Bouchard for ageism, sexism and corruption.

As I have said for years now, there exists a separate system of “law” that Bouchard’s Chancery Court applies to successful entrepreneurs like the Shawes to seemingly drain them dry — and the crony gravy train continues. My sources tell me Bouchard has scheduled another hearing, apparently to again improperly enrich Skadden Arps at TransPerfect’s expense on October 10th, and I am planing on live coverage!

Folks, the bottom line, in my view, is that the Delaware Chancery Court’s archaic rules have created, at a minimum, appearances of impropriety, and at worst, outright corruption—and this is unprecedented. You can make a difference in 2020 by voting only for Delaware State Legislature Candidates who promise to take on court corruption and cronyism. The days of free millions to Kevin Shannon, Steven Lamb, Bob Pincus and Bouchard’s other pals must stop—and justice must be served folks. That’s how I see it and what I’m advocating. Again, I thank you for your many comments; please keep them coming!

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network


1) From Walt: “Judson Bennett’s Coastal Network”, “Citizens for Pro Business Delaware”, and Incessant Legal Action by the Shawe’s, and now Mrs. Shawe is sending out political ads against Biden. Delaware has never seen anything like this before. People are talking. WALT

2) From Lynn: Can’t wait to see Mrs Shawe’s ads against Biden? We appreciate all you do for Delaware. You are a wonderful writer with no fear. – Lynn

3) From Sam: How can they continue billing without explanation ? Andre Bouchard is destroying Delaware’s reputation. There should never be a question about the Chancery Court’s integrity. You are definitely making a difference. Can’t wait to see the ads ! Keep it up buddy. Best, Sam

4) From Alan: The News Journal article seems to capture the essence of the whole picture. Probably fairly accurate with a slight spin in favor of the Chancery. I sure hope Bouchard does not get the Supreme Court. He is bad news. Can’t help admiring their persistence. Attack ads on Biden- Really amusing!!

5) From Dave: Jud, keep beating the drum—you are the talk of Dover-LOL DAVE

6) From Jim: Thanks for the information Judson. Typical News Journal article with its establishment spin. Keep the articles coming. The article does not hurt the Shawes and frankly it brings more attention. Fascinating business. JIM

7) From Patty: Bouchard is up for Supreme Court Chief Justice, we have got to prevent that somehow! Maybe the controversy with TransPerfect and all the negative publicity you put out about him will keep it from happening. We in Sussex all know the power of your pen. You have certainly helped people win and made people lose. Keep up the great work. Delaware loves you Jud! Patty B.

8) From Joe: Jud, I think the piece covers it accurately, maybe with a little bias? Quite a story!

9) From Tim: Judson, Delaware is not used to someone using the power of advertising and activists to change a situation in the Courts. I have a hunch the powers to be are getting nervous. Thanks for all you do. Tim

10) From Pete: Judson, Sounds like CEO Philip Shawe and “Mommy Dearest” don’t mess around. Fascinating stuff and you have done an amazing job on this entire expose’. You gonna get the movie rights? PETE

11) From Jack: Wow! Quite an article—Lot of Puff and spin for the dark side. LOL Love your articles. Best regards, Jack

12) From Dick: Thanks for sending. The appearance of irregularities in this incessant case are very disconcerting. The Shawes are to be commended in my opinion and if they can make a difference. I am all for it and glad. Good job buddy. Dick

13) From Scott: Jud, Biden has lost it. He is a total insipid character now without substance. I rate the piece as a puff piece. The Shawes really got screwed by Bouchard. He has got to go! Keep it up and thank you. Scott

14) From Elsie: Judson, Delaware should be attacked by the Shawes and especially Biden—YOU GO MRS SHAWE!—WOMAN POWER

15 From Laurie: Hi Jud, Quite an article, I like the way you presented it this time. Usually by the time I read your communication above the article, I don’t read the article. The News Journal is definitely putting a negative spin on it. What a mess-Delaware needs to fix this crap, but as long as the Dems have the power, it will only get worse. Keep up the good work. We love your articles. L, Laurie

16) From John: Amazing stuff, Delaware is corrupt and the News Journal is suborning the corruption as it always does!

17) From Bill: Judson, The Delaware we once knew is no more. The establishment is going to protect itself and the News Journal is a liberal rag! Best to you, Bill

18) From Alan: Biden stinks-such an empty suit. Good for Mrs. Shawe. Alan

19) From Jim: Biden is responsible for changing the Bankruptcy laws which screwed everybody and protected the credit card companies. Mrs. Shawe is a little off on her political ads , however there are ads playing from that Pro Delaware Citizens group all over the radio. The media, the legislature, and the corrupt judiciary are all in it together. Keep up the good work. Jim

20) From Sarah: Like the national liberal press, they embellish and spin it the way they want it. Thanks for sending. – Sarah