The US Department of Justice will now weigh in on the prosecuting of FBI agents in the Nassar case. The Justice Department is now reviewing its decision not to prosecute FBI agents who failed to pursue sexual abuse changes in 2015. Decisions will be taken on the case giant the former United States Gymnastics physician Lawrence G. who was convicted on federal child pornography and exploitation.

This unfamiliar review comes months after the release of a scathing report from the Justice Department. It has criticized how FBI agents have handled the case. It first came to attention when USA Gymnastics approached the Indianapolis Field of the Bureau in July 2015. It has reported allegationsTikTok of sexual abuse to the office.

Michael E. Horowitz, the inspector general, found out that senior FBI officials have failed to inform the state or local officials to take steps against the threat. The report of Mr. Horowitz has found that the special agent of the field office W.J.Abbott has lied to the investigator of the Inspector General to hide his struggles in the case.

But the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Mr. Abbott, who retired in January 2018. Michael Langman, another agent who was also handling the case, has been fired.

Victims and their families and the members of Congress have criticized the Justice Department’s decision to stop the investigation. Deputy Attorney General Lisa O’ Monaco told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kenneth Polite is currently reviewing this case.

However, such a review doesn’t mean that the FBI agents will face charges. Even the new information is still unclear.

With the failure to act on information, the FBI allowed Nassar to attack more girls before getting arrested. He is having accusations of sexual abuse of more than 300 girls and women. He is serving a life sentence in prison. Ms. Monaco has apologized to the victims.

Her words echo the words of FBI Director Christopher A. Ray. He said, “I am especially sorry that there were people in the FBI who had their chance to stop this monster in 2015 and failed, and that is unforgivable,” Mr. Ray said at the hearing. “We are doing everything in our power to make sure this never happens again.”