Chancellor Andre Bouchard is now the subject of a Federal “Department of Justice” Investigation, according to an article published in a Spanish Newspaper.

All this writer can say at the moment is, “Wow… I hope this is true, because it is about time!”

If you’ll remember, TransPerfect has over 500 employees in Spain, where unemployment is very high. As I see it, Bouchard, by using his position improperly, tried to engineer a hostile takeover of TransPerfect by its largest competitor, HIG/Lionbridge. As a result, it seems since Chancellor Bouchard put so many Spanish jobs at risk, the international media there has been fervently following the case.

I called the U.S. Office of Public Affairs, which handles press inquiries for the U.S. Department of Justice, to find out more about this investigation and confirm that it’s ongoing. No comments were provided by press time.

As to the TransPerfect case, it is my understanding and in my personal view, it is now commonly accepted in business circles that Bouchard might have abused his power, and made absurd rulings that feathered the nests of Skadden Arps, his lawyer friends, and their combined cronies to the tune of $250 million in TransPerfect funds. Folks, in my opinion, there are truly the appearances of impropriety here and they must be investigated.

Please see the article below and ask yourself: Does Delaware need a judiciary that looks crooked enough to even make the Department of Justice consider launching an investigation? If this is true, what will that do to our reputation?

As always your comments are welcome and I will continue to follow the largest corporate case, and in my view, the largest heist by a judge, in American history — the public deserves answers, transparency, and accountability.

The TransPerfect case, investigated by the United States Department of Justice

The management of the TransPerfect case, led by the Supreme Court Justice of Delaware, André Bouchard, is being investigated by the US Department of Justice, according to a statement issued by the highest court in the United States.


The management of the TransPerfect case, led by the Supreme Court Justice of Delaware, André Bouchard, is being investigated by the US Department of Justice, according to a statement issued by the highest court in the United States.

The forced sale of this multinational, which has 600 jobs in its offices in Barcelona, ended in the courts of Delaware and now the US justice investigates the judicial team that managed the sale process of the company for alleged discrimination during 2017, when the company was under your control.

Associations of Delaware citizens say that as the investigation progresses it may also address other irregularities such as the $ 250 million that allegedly disappeared from the TransPerfect bank accounts while representatives of the Delaware Supreme Court controlled the company.

They emphasize “the opacity” with which Judge Bouchard has taken the case, arriving at not making public the judicial file months after the resolution, something contrary to the current US legislative framework.

They also denounce that one of the law firms that has benefited the most in the conflict has been a law firm of which one of its partners, Robert Pincus, was appointed judicial administrator of the company during the conflict.

However, the management of the case has called into question the neutrality of the judicial system of Delaware, according to a report by the US Chamber of Commerce.

TransPerfect closed the year 2018 with revenues of more than 600 million euros, 14.7% more than the previous year, and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, Spain being the second country in the world where the multinational It has more employees, only behind the United States.

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