Dear Friends,

Let me take a few minutes to celebrate a few more feedbacks, which are dear to me, because they celebrate the accomplishments I and others possibly helped create with the dogged reporting on Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court.

Not only do I think our reporting was instrumental in toppling Bouchard from his vaunted perch, but also it might have helped remove former Chief Justice Leo Strine. Both left their government-appointed roles with more than half their term left to serve. That just doesn’t happen, folks. Not without real pressure and real reasons for them to leave. I saw both of them as biased and subjective in some cases, especially the TransPerfect case, which I’ve paid close attention to in recent years. I tried to point out the perceived inequities in their methods and decisions.

“You, more than anyone else, caused this to happen,” wrote one reader, who was skeptical of my Bouchard criticism at the start, but came around to seeing things my way after reading my columns over the years. “Your example as the key investigative reporter of this sophisticated case, with the inside information, unafraid to tell It like you see it.”

Please read the rest of this feedback, which I value dearly, and a few more feedbacks, which were among the first to come in, and they truly capture the drama of what was accomplished here. I left off names for your protection. Ding-dong, the “wicked witch is dead,” folks! I’m happy to receive your accolades because you reading my work and receiving your feedback is what has made me successful and keeps me going.

I thank all of you for helping us make these important changes in Delaware’s Judicial system.

Indeed, I think, we helped cause a man to go from an arrogant giant under an umbrella of appearances of improprieties to an ant, slinking away into quiet oblivion. I believe it is a good thing.

Please keep your valuable feedback coming!

Respectfully Yours,
Judson Bennett-Coastal Network

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You are amazing and always have been.

You, more than anyone else, caused this to happen.

You dug deep with personal interviews and uncovered the whole story, not just the mis-justice, dis-justice and greed, but also the back-stories about how this kind of arrogance hurts the real people who work there.

You pumped the truth to the people of Delaware, (me included) and they recognized the truth and acted.
Obviously, some powerful VIPs listen to you, noting the results and change that is taking place because of your tenacious and lethal perseverance.

Your example as the key investigative reporter of this sophisticated case, with the inside information, unafraid to tell It like you see it and careful to get first-hand sources and make appropriate disclaimers all along the way.

Jud, you’re ready for the big time, Big Buddy, if you want to go there.

Way to go Jud!!
You have been like a dog on a bone!
I’m not surprised you always had that staying power that so many people lack.

You exhausted this guy. He couldn’t take it anymore. LOL
He had to run for the hills. You really did it. He’s outta there.
I told you last year it was time to get rid of Bouchard.
I can’t believe it actually happened. Bravo.

GREAT JOB, You have kept us motivated.
Congrats on getting rid of Bouchard!

Wonderful and accurate article.

By the way, congrats on Bouchard leaving.

Thank you again folks! And keep the feedback coming!