I was eagerly watching the college football national championship game this week. I’m a big fan and have traveled far-and-wide to see Delaware’s team play over the years. While watching the game, I thought about next season and couldn’t help but feel happy for the folks over at TransPerfect. The company — almost disbanded by Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court — will take a victory lap of sorts.

Next year, TransPerfect will begin sponsoring a Top 10 College Football Bowl Game, “The Music City Bowl”in Nashville, Tennesse. The game will see a Southeastern Conference (SEC) team take on a Big 10 Conference team, in what should be a strong matchup. If you’re going to put your company’s hard-earned money on the line, this is the way to spend it, rather than spending millions on Skadden Arps’ billings, which continue to this day, to the tune of nearly six figures, on average, each month.

In my opinion, it’s shameful how Skadden Arps is raiding the corporate coffers over at TransPerfect. The company has to pay the bills without seeing them. No itemization. Nothing. Everything’s hidden like it’s Russia. How these bills continue to this day, nearly two years after the case has been closed, is beyond me! That must be maddening for CEO Phil Shawe, CFO Steve Tondera and the other executives at TransPerfect.

Last year in Wilmington, I was able to meet some of the executives and employees of this privately-held, fast-growing company. The group’s energy and enthusiasm was that of a company far younger than its almost three decades in business. After everything they’ve been through at TransPerfect, with, as I see it, Bouchard and Skadden Arps, raking them over the coals, this festive bowl sponsorship and the accolades that go along with it couldn’t be happening to a more well-deserving group of people.

As I look to the coming year, it’s heartening to see good things coming for TransPerfect, despite being treated so poorly by Bouchard, Skadden, and, in my view, some of our weak-in-the-knees Delaware legislators, who should be putting politics aside and making the needed law changes. Even well-known Reverend Al Sharpton has noticed something rotten at Skadden, writing a letter last week criticizing them for lack of diversity, especially in their Wilmington office!

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