The picture below says it all!  In the Barcelona newspaper, the picture of court appointed custodian Robert Pincus in the TransPerfect Global case surrounded by his money is an indication of the rip off of the century! Robert Pincus, according to my information, with the absolute approval of Chancellor Andre Bouchard, has apparently charged exorbitant and unnecessary fees to the complete detriment of this successful company and its employees. Pincus and his buddies are literally becoming multi-millionaires at TransPerfect’s expense. This is a legal bilking to profit friends of the Judge. In reality, I believe it is intrinsically criminal and Chancellor Bouchard is responsible. There needs to be a criminal investigation by the Attorney General of the State of Delaware or perhaps the FBI !

Please read below what a mockery of our state has been made around the world:


The forced sale of TransPerfect has cost the company $ 20 million in lawyers

A US association claims that several companies are enriched by the conflict while 4,000 workers fear for their jobs

14.09.2017 11:35 h



Delaware Supreme Court Judge André Bouchard’s decision to order the forced sale of the Transperfect translation multinational  has cost the company more than $ 20 million to hire a variety of law firms , investment companies and specialized entities in mergers and acquisitions.

According to a piece of advertising by the Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware’s association (CPBD) published on full page in various media, a dozen signatures would be enriching themselves with the shareholder conflict that the company lives.


The advertising piece which has had access Global Chronicle also notes that Robert Pincus, a lawyer partner at law firm Skadden and custodian (judicial administrator) of  Transperfect , would be getting a salary of $ 1,425 an hour, about 1,200 euros, for overseeing the controversial sale force of the company.


Through this action, the association CPBD wanted to point out that while several companies invoice huge amounts of money to the company under Pincus, the 4,000 employees of the company worldwide, 500 of them in the operating center of Barcelona , continue fearing for their jobs if the forced sale of the multinational of translations is finally executed .

A few months ago, Delaware Supreme Court Judge Andre Bouchard ordered the company’s forced sale to resolve the stakeholder conflict between the company’s co-founders, former Liz Elting and Phil Shawe, whose relationship is more deteriorated than ever and their positions in regard to the company, the antipodes of each other.


The forced sale of a successful private company is an unprecedented move in United States history and its precursors, Judge André Bouchard and attorney Robert Pincus, may be breaking the legal limits,according to experts familiar with the case.

The purchase of Transperfect by a private equity fund would entail relocation and dismissal, as has already happened with the company Lionbridge, Transperfect’s largest competitor globally, which relocated the centers of Spain and France and destroyed thousands of jobs.


The forced sale of TransPerfect has cost the company $20 million in lawyers