I’ve been thinking about one wish I’d like to have come true during the new year: The possibility of corruption has to be prevented! The way I see it — and the way anyone looking at it should see it is this — Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard seems to be basically paying Skadden Arps right under everyone’s nose.

The appearance of those in power paying off their friends, using the power of the court, must stop! This is Bouchard’s former law firm. His best friends work there. Folks, how is it possible that we have a system in place that allows this?

In the TransPerfect case, $43 million has now been billed to TransPerfect. Skadden Arps, with the Chancery Court’s approval, continues somehow to take money from one of the most successful companies in America and funnel it into their coffers. If anyone cannot see this as I do — how truly suspect this system is — then they’re not looking. Believe me, I have been looking very closely for years now!

Even though TransPerfect took a major step by incorporating in Nevada and getting out of suspect Delaware, they somehow still can’t get away from this non-stop billing, sanctioned by Bouchard’s Chancery Court. I frankly do not understand how this is able to happen? Perhaps one of the legislators who are allowing this to continue could explain it to me?

I’ve spoken with people in the accounting department at TransPerfect and it is truly amazing what is happening! The bills from Skadden Arps that are coming through are incredible, and they are sanctioned and allowed by Bouchard! Such blasphemy! There apparently is no explanation for exactly what the work was that was being invoiced?! This stinks to high heaven! If you think the problem has somehow disappeared in the Chancery Court, I’m here to tell you, folks, think again. It continues. Unabated.

That is why I’m imploring those in power to take a real look, a serious look at what can be done to reign in the power of the Chancery Court and Andre Bouchard. This power has created, in my view, innumerable appearances of impropriety that make me wonder about real corruption.

Folks, just because Bouchard has gone quiet, in Delaware by using his power to seal proceedings and place gag orders on TransPerfect’s attorneys. according to my reliable sources, the incessant billing from Skadden Arps, which his court has allowed and enabled — apparently has not stopped!! Is this proper conduct by a Chancellor who is supposed to dispense equity??

Let’s stop this irregular activity, these suspicious actions — which appear to me to be outright corruption — in their tracks! If we do nothing else in 2020, let us make this our goal! Led by courageous legislators, who care about real equity, a change in the law to prevent abuse of power in the Chancery Court can and should be accomplished. Call your legislators; demand action!

Bouchard and his cronies Bob Pincus and Skadden Arps are apparently the perpetual Grinches who in my view, after closely observing every detail of this case from the beginning, seem to be robbing TransPerfect employees of their year-end raises and bonus — for over 5 years!!! — and it continues 2 years after the case!!

Do you see how bad this appearance of impropriety is, folks?! Please reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,

Judson Bennett-Coastal Network