Dear Friends,

I have been watching the January 6th House Committee Hearings, which is investigating former President Donald Trump, as they present a one-sided show. This quite obviously orchestrated event is being put on in order to prevent the impending Republican takeover in November and also deter Trump from possibly running again in 2024.

Lots of feedback has been rolling in on this, folks, so let’s open up the mailbag:

Hi Jud, I always enjoy reading your articles and opinions. If you haven’t had a chance to see 2000 Mules, I recommend it. The geo-tracking evidence is very interesting. It’s an hour and 28 minutes and worth watching.

As you make excellent, salient points. The hearings are a humongous waste of time & $$$$$$$$$$$. Liz Cheny is a lousy lady who is another attention seeker. Interesting that her parents have said zilch for a LONG TIME.

Donald Trump is only “out there” as a possible candidate – to raise $$ – the usual.
I do not support Pence. I met him twice in New Hampshire, and his people skills are quite lacking. I support DeSantis & Youngkin. For vice president, maybe Winsome Sears?

As we old-timers would say: “you hit the nail on the head, Jud”!

Quoting your line, Jud:
“Although slightly ambiguous, the Constitution does not allow for the Vice President to do that. Trump was misguided and ill-advised to go that route which unfortunately, although unintentional, inspired the disastrous invasion of the Capitol building.”

The Constitution certainly DOES allow for the Vice President to do that. And the “insurrection” was the Democrats way to STOP this Constitutionally allowed way to contest the votes in AZ, PA, WI, MI and GA. They thought Pence just might send the electors back to the state so they, along with their accomplices in the FBI/CIA and Media concocted this ‘Insurrection’ bullshit. It was literally to stop Pence from doing what he should have done

Trump is teetering, but he ain’t gonna fall, my friend.

I feel your pain on this ridiculous hearing Jud.
Fear not, people have short memories. They’ll forget by November.

A little insight, without the political finger pointing.

I don’t see how Trump recovers from this. No way, Jud.

I can’t turn this covering off, it’s captivating.

So many of Trump’s people have turned against him.
They are all traitors!

This just proves that Trump will bring down the Republicans if he runs in 2024.
There’s no way the leadership should allow him to run.

Don’t worry, sir. Not many people who love Trump are watching.
This won’t have the impact the Democrats think it will.

Keep the feedback coming, folks. It’s always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,