Trump Wins Super Tuesday, Except Vermont, Now Within 190 Votes to Capture Nomination – Nikki Haley Drops Out – Biden to Give State of the Union Address

Dear Friends,

Donald Trump, after a resounding victory in Super Tuesday’s primaries, is now within 190 votes to capture the necessary 1215 votes to secure the GOP nomination.

Finally, Nikki Haley has suspended her campaign, after only squeaking out a narrow victory in Vermont. I am hopeful that most of her supporters will now come over to Donald Trump and unite the party. Trump is showing amazing resolve, a Teflon hide, considering the pernicious and illegitimate assaults coming at him from the Biden administration. Interestingly, Trump is leading Biden in every battleground state and is in a dead heat in Pennsylvania!

Thursday night, Biden will deliver his “State of the Union Address” to a televised joint session of Congress in a feeble attempt to convince the American people that his insipid programs are working. Folks you will hear one lie after another. The Democrats will applaud while the Republicans will sit in silence and disgust.

I don’t know how Biden will be able to justify his horrible border policy, his destruction of our oil industry-creating increasing inflation, his attempt to ruin female sports by allowing men who want to be women to compete against females, his despicable withdrawal from Afghanistan, getting 13 Americans killed and leaving billions of military hardware behind, thus making the Taliban the best equipped Terrorist group in the world. The man is the worst President in US history and there is nothing he can say to convince any slightly intelligent person otherwise!

I can assure you Speaker Johnson will not rip Biden’s speech in half, as did Nancy Pelosi during Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech in a classless display of liberal arrogance.

Indeed, I look forward to a HUGE Trump victory in November, creating the beginning of reversing the acute damage that Biden has done to this country.

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. God bless America.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network