Dear Friends,

My columns this month on the insane Whopper Fees, backed by Delaware Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Travis Laster, as he called Delaware “different”, using that to somehow prop up the unjust $267 million, and in my mind, clear theft of nearly 27% in fees in the $1 Billion Dell case in Delaware Highway robbery crime we sadly see from the Chancery Court.

Some of the feedback you sent:

“Our Chancery Court is on an island that someone needs to invade! Thank you for railing on them for this and bringing this to our attention, Judson.I’m in disbelief. It seems like no one is watching and they’re taking all the money they can get, sadly.”
-Walter G.

“I did a triple take on the amount when I saw $267 mIllion! Why would anyone incorporate here after this?”
-Carl F.

“This level of GREED doesn’t match the humbleness that I think of when I think of Delaware, Jud!”
Parker M.

“Laster is just plain crazy! Whose side is he on, anyway?! He needs to be removed!”
-Sarah P.  

“I was telling my neighbors about this, Judson. I don’t understand how the number got this high.
Can it really be that lawyers can make $267 million on one case and Laster thinks it’s OK?”
-Katherine N.

“I’m embarrassed by this. We should be hanging our heads in shame at this story. No denying it.”  
-Jack N.

“I don’t care what world we live in, this is something that needs to be reviewed and changed.”
-Paul L.

Thank you for all of your feedback on this, folks! Sorry if I didn’t include yours. Please know that your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network