OUR First lady Melania Trump voted in-person in Palm Beach today about 11:15 AM!!!!

I was there and was randomly able to take some exit polls —Polled  73 folks-TRUMP has 52, Biden 21t —If you count Melania’s vote-Trump has 53. Secret Service everywhere, frisking, metal detectors —huge security! You could feel the excitement in the air. Folks, I love our first lady. I predict TRUMP IS GOING TO WIN FLORIDA. GOD BLESS AMERICA and our President Donald J. Trump and our beautiful first lady !

First lady Melania Trump has cast her ballot in Palm Beach, Florida.

The first lady cast her ballot inperson where she now lives!

When asked why she didn’t vote with her husband last week, she said, “It’s Election Day, so I wanted to come here to vote today for the election.”