Ron DeSantis, the BEST Governor in the United States!

Dear friends,

Having left Delaware seven years ago, after my wife died of breast cancer, to move to Palm Beach, Florida and being an experienced political operator and pundit, it is extremely easy for me to recognize true leadership that includes the use of solid logic, efficiency, fairness, and dedication to the people who are being served.

Folks, besides not having a state income tax, having great weather year round, enjoying innumerable palm trees, beautiful beaches, fabulous fishing, and much more, the great state of Florida, I can tell you, without reservation, is being operated the way it should be by our Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis, a Navy veteran, graduate of Harvard, a former Congressman, and now the Governor of the great state of Florida has exercised superior control over the state’s operation with an emphasis on promoting freedom to conduct business (regardless of the Covid pandemic), not requiring unhealthy masks for our school children, outlawing the teaching of critical race theory and the teaching of sexual orientation (the LBTG and transgender absurdity) to kids under the age of 9, thus leaving that up to the parents. People are flocking to Florida, especially from California and New York, in the hopes of enjoying the freedom that Florida offers.

Disney executives in their Orlando, Florida, Disney World operation, made the huge mistake of openly criticizing the legislation involving Florida school policies, while attempting to move Disney into a “Woke”, left-wing agenda that dangerous radicals in several states are promoting. Disney for years has been allowed to operate its own government in Florida, with special consideration in many areas, including no property taxes. Governor DeSantis, through his inspired legislation, has now removed Disney from its special privileges and Disney must now operate like everyone else. The arrogance and audacity by Disney World operators has come home to roost, and DeSantis has ended their former situation for good and rightfully so.

Interestingly Gavin Newsom, the idiotic Governor of California, where crime, homelessness, huge taxes, and despotism reign, has had the audacity to publish TV ads criticizing Florida and DeSantis. DeSantis, unlike California’s incompetent Governor, promotes family values, is tough on crime (cash bail required in Florida), is for border security, and is the complete, polar opposite of the insipid leadership promoted by so many Democrat Mayors and Governors throughout the United States. People are leaving California in droves and coming to Florida to enjoy the freedom that DeSantis offers, and the worst Governor in America, Gavin Newsom, doesn’t like it.

Folks, I could write a book about how great Governor Ron DeSantis is because of the superb job he has done in Florida. I predict he will be President of the United States some day, if not in 2024, especially with Trump’s controversial situation developing.

That’s the way I see it. The world has gone crazy and the United States is being severely damaged by President Joe Biden and the Democrats. Governor Ron DeSantis, like the state he leads, offers us hope and sunshine.

As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Best regards,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network