Judges Like Andre Bouchard Dodge Public Scrutiny, Our Elected Officials Do Nothing, But Your Feedback Rolls In!

Dear Friends,

After NBC News wrote an excellent spotlight piece on how judges like Andre Bouchard somehow, time and time again, are enabled to dodge and weave and avoid public scrutiny after potential misconduct — you wrote in to underline how unjust this truly is.

Zero or few judges have been sanctioned in recent years, just like with Bouchard, and our elected officials such as Delaware Governor John Carney do nothing.

I’m glad you’re outraged. Here’s some of your feedback. Maybe they’ll listen to us now!

“Our morals are falling to an all-time-low and this lack of punishment of judges is a new low.”
-Bruce B.

“If we can’t hold judges accountable, who can you hold?”
-Jackie L.

“As you well know, I always learn more about Delaware.
The U.S. is collapsing faster than a blink of an eye.”
-Georgia P.

“As usual, you succinctly get it all out there, Judson.
NBC News is right on with this story.”
-Albert G.

“Why is Delaware so unconcerned with this?
We’re losing our reputation fast!”
-Gail M.

“These judges and those who let them get aways with it are dirtbags!’
William B.  

“Until this is fixed, it will likely escalate, Jud.
Thanks for your coverage.”
-Jill G.

“These guys should be indicted and put in prison.”
-Jack R.

Thank you for your welcome feedback, folks. As always, keep them coming.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network