My email inbox was awash with responses from my recent piece “Another Bizarre Ruling From Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court” and I am so grateful for your feedback. I wanted to share some of your top pieces of feedback below.

It’s gratifying to know so many of you take the time to support my coverage of wrongdoings in Delaware and Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court.


From Ken:

Bouchard is totally out of control.

The Delaware Judicial system is an incestuous quagmire run by corrupt people.

Keep up the great work.

From Kelly:

Terrible that we have to wonder about our Judges?!

From Maria:

Mr. Bennett, Thank you for the service you do for Delaware. We enjoy your articles.

Glad Seitz got the Supreme Court Justice job and not Bouchard! Hopefully, things will get better.

From Andrew:

It just keeps on happening. Bouchard has got to go!

From Barbara:

Time for change. Hopefully, the Republicans can regain power in the Legislature in 2020. Probably a pipe dream. Something is wrong with the system when there is a question about judicial integrity!

From Mike H.:

This is a truly a bizarre ruling! Bouchard is off the wall and should be off the Court!

From Paul:

Frankly, I think this cozy situation between the Skadden Arps law firm, the State Bar Association, members of the legislature, and the members of the Judiciary is a swamp that smells to high heaven. Whether intentional or not, this development has occurred over time and needs to be changed. Regardless, as long as the Democrats control Delaware, it won’t change!

Keep up the good work.

From David:

I wonder how these idiots can justify their existence? Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

From Matt:

Judson, These Judges must hate you. I must say, you have developed over the past 2 years quite a scenario. I was extremely skeptical about this TransPerfect situation. However, you have made a believer out of me. Bouchard has got to go. Pure Absurdity!

From John:

This is outrageous, it seems as if Bouchard is turning contract law and corporate law in Delaware into anarchy and confusion and then the Delaware Supreme Court upholds it? Delaware used to be the best of the 50, no more. Shame!

From Mike C.:

Great work Jud. You should get a Pulitzer for your work on this. What an amazing expose of a case that you have been covering for a long time. I don’t write very often, however, just wanted to give you some kudos.

From Carol:

Judson, Apparently, considering Bouchard’s rulings, it seems that a majority stockholder can act contrary to the rules and the go back and change the rules so he/she can justify their illegal actions? This is crazy, And the Supreme Court upheld it? I am appalled. You have made us aware of these innumerable improprieties by Andre Bouchard. He needs to be investigated! Thanks for providing us with this fascinating stuff.

Thank you all for your comments both by email and on Facebook. Keep ’em coming! Rest assured, I’ll keep you tuned into the latest injustice as it happens!