Dear Friends,

My sources have told me that after taking only 15 minutes to examine the motion, Bouchard has now granted a new motion clearly encouraging the Infamous Skadden Arps law firm, who I believe is acting in coordination and on behalf of the Chancery Court, to further retaliate against TransPerfect (now a Nevada Corp), Philip Shawe, and Shirley Shawe (79-year-old senior citizen). How? Through a “Contempt of Court” motion?

Outrageous and Absurd!


Because after still being looted by Pincus and Skadden Arps more than 1-year after the case, TransPerfect was forced to seek the protection of the Nevada Courts.

Can you blame TransPerfect for wanting to litigate in a fair forum?! For years Bouchard has made his buddies rich and now that TransPerfect is in Nevada, he needs a way to keep TransPerfect under his control and to keep the gravy train going.

This comes after the world’s longest series of arbitrary and capacious rulings, all coincidentally against TransPerfect and the Shawes and ALL FOR THE BENEFIT of his former law partners (Pincus, Lamb) and his best friend for 20 years, Kevin Shannon. $250 million was spent with lawyers and Bouchard’s friends, and sealed documents prevent the public from knowing why?

Want more proof that they are in cahoots? My understanding from folks I’ve talked to about this is that Pincus is contractually bound NOT to say bad things publicly about TransPerfect and Shawe — that’s one of the things Shawe paid for with his $385 million in Bouchard’s rigged auction — but now Bouchard has granted an extra-long motion for Pincus to basically do an end-run around his contractual guarantees not to talk negatively about TransPerfect or Philip Shawe.

Mark my words, Bouchard granted this unusually large extension motion, purposefully so he could aid and abet Pincus’ continued, and in my view, illegal, disparaging, defaming and looting of TransPerfect. In my opinion folks, Delaware’s Skadden office and their thinly-veiled coordination with Bouchard are a form of incestuous, organized crime. How else does it look, I ask?

Watch for what I think will happen based on conversations with a few of my attorney friends: Former appointed Custodian Robert Pincus writes a nasty motion with false claims and then illegally leaks it to the press — so that the Chancery Court can further retaliate against TransPerfect, Phil Shawe, and Shirley Shawe. OUTRAGEOUS FOLKS !

This is exclusive coverage brought to you by the Coastal Network! I have worked hard to cultivate sources inside the organization, who spoke with me under the strict condition of anonymity — out of fear of reprisal from Bouchard. Sound American? Not to this journalist!

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Yours truly,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network