Dear friends,

Many pastors have joined together to start the Vote Kingdom movement. It is a movement that does not vote politics, party line, nor personalities. It votes platforms and policy that is in alignment with Kingdom Principles and Values.

A poster I like the most is the one that is attached to this email (Faith & Freedom Coalition does not endorse candidates, I just like the poster). It is the thought that we are not alone when we vote.  So true.  Personally I rarely support candidates; but these times are so different.  Our faith is under attack and our culture is being dismantled. We need to support those candidates who support Vote Kingdom principles.  How do we know them.  One way is the Vote Kingdom certificate from the pastors alliance recognizing those candidates with a record and personal history of supporting religious liberty.

So many people attack us because of our Christian faith.  They want us to surrender what we believe the moment we leave our church doors.  Only a handful of those running for office defend our right to live our faith in the public square.  We must in turn support them.  This is no longer about party politics it is about the survival of the church.   We are attacked by so many and only a few have the courage to stand with us and for the Bill of Rights.  Make sure you stand with them and vote for them tomorrow and Vote Kingdom. 

They are ROB ARLETT for the U.S. Senate, DONYALE HALL for the Delaware Senate, RALPH TAYLOR for the Delaware Senate, and DAVID ANDERSON for Delaware Senate.  

God bless you all,   John Radell