Dear Friends,

I write this article with some difficulty because the election situation is so fluid that by the time this reaches many of you, the whole situation could change. As I write this dissertation, it appears that the former Senator from Delaware and former Vice President, Joe Biden is on a path to win the Presidency.

Trump at this moment has a narrow path through Arizona and Nevada and Pennsylvania, if he holds Georgia and North Carolina. I am quite convinced that all these crucial areas, including close, determined races in Wisconsin and Michigan, are ripe with fraud, fake ballots, and illegitimate actions that are and will be challenged by the Trump campaign.

This being said, as someone who was born and raised in Lewes, Delaware, was an elected City Councilman for 6 years, who lost through absolute fraud in a county-wide election by 3 votes with 20-thousand people voting, I can relate to the pain and frustration of knowing that I got screwed by a corrupt system, which still haunts me to this day.

Bottom line, when I contested the election in the Superior Court, we discovered that there were 13 absentee ballots that were delivered to a specific polling place, they were opened, the outside envelops were destroyed, the 13 votes were voted into the machine, and then those specific ballots, which by law are supposed to be able to be viewed were missing. Total corruption. The judge actually apologized to me, but he couldn’t prove who those missing 13 ballots were for. I was told later by witnesses that I was cheated. Interestingly the Delaware Department of Elections has changed the rules and all absentee ballots are counted now at a central location. Too late for me, however I will never forget it or forgive it!

Folks, I also was the official campaign manager in Sussex County, Delaware for Ray Clatworthy, who ran against Joe Biden in his last bid for the U.S.Senate. I knew everything about Joe Biden-his horrible lies, his fake life, however my candidate, who was a wonderful man and devout Christian, wouldn’t let me use it! Nice guys don’t win football games or political contests.

Since speaking with Bill Stevenson, former husband of Jill Biden, I have further learned even more about the blatant dishonesty of the entire Biden Crime Family.

When you combine the outrage discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has been determined as factual, it is clear that Joe Biden is guilty of selling out to Communist China, Ukraine, Romania, and Russia. The man is guilty of Treason!  He very well could be the President of the United States!

Here is what I do know, to the best of my knowledge: 1) When Biden’s wife Nelia ran a stop sign on December 18, 1972 and was killed along with her infant daughter, Joe Biden accused an innocent man named Curtis Dunn, for political purposes, in my opinion, of being drunk. 2) I also believe that a week before the original election in 1972, the Biden campaign bribed the head of the Teamster’s Union, to put the truckers on strike so the Wilmington News Journal papers, which endorsed, then sitting Senator Caleb Boggs, could not be delivered, which I see as is pure corruption. Bill Stevenson put up the $3000. 3) I believe Joe Biden’s connection to his wife Jill, how they met, is a political lie. As I see it, Biden betrayed a good friend and stole his wife. I think Jill wrote a phony book that is absurd! 4) I also think The Hunter Biden laptop is so damning, so clearly an exposure of Biden’s corruption, it boggles the mind. Folks I could fill up a whole page with my knowledge and opinion on the facts about Joe Biden’s dishonesty. He should have never been considered as a candidate! The travesty of this is disgraceful!!!

This is the man, JOE BIDEN, who if elected President of the United States, will do so much damage to this country it is frightening. Delaware voters — shame on you — “DELAWARE WAY”, National Media, shame on you, Democrat Party shame on you! The corruption is beyond belief. I have to decide if I want to risk the potential threats and continue this incessant battle or head for a cabin in the Alps. Right now I hurt big time and I am extremely upset and angry!

There is much more to come and I have much more to share and I intend to do so as soon as the election is determined. Donald Trump won this election and if it turns out he was cheated out of it, then we must continue the battle. I do think and know that Joe Biden is corrupt and very vindictive. Bill Stevenson and I both should probably develop eyes in the back of heads.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network