Dear friends,

I am not a devoutly, religious man, however, I believe that God put innumerable natural resources at our disposal to use in many different ways for the benefit of humanity. Oil, Natural Gas, Atomic Power Solar Energy, Wind Power, Water Power, Coal, and Crops to make Ethanol are few that are utilized. In Brazil they use Sugar Cain to make fuel! Folks, all of these natural resources are beneficial in various ways, depending on the climate. All of these fuels and sources of energy can be used in an environmentally safe manner including petroleum products.

That being said, The proposed “Green New Deal” being advocated by President Joe Biden is the one of the most unreliable, absurd, unsound, and dangerous proposition in United States history. Not only will it ruin America economically, but it will kill people. Furthermore, the concept of Global warming being caused by emissions from the use of oil and natural gas is just not true. When Biden maliciously and stupidly shut down the Keystone Pipeline, a spectacular achievement and a clean safe way to move oil, he destroyed thousands of good paying jobs and set up a very unsafe and unclean way to move the oil by railroad. JUST PLAIN STUPID!

Natural Gas is unbelievably clean and an inexpensive way to heat our homes. Windmills and solar panels are expensive and require lots of wind and lots of sun to provide continuous energy and electricity. Without another provable and workable energy source, such as oil, gasoline, propane, coal, or natural gas, these energy venues are unreliable.

Let us look to Texas! Apparently 25% of the electricity in Texas is produced by wind and solar! This is amazing when we realize the oil and natural gas reserves that Texas has. Well folks, it is 9 degrees in Texas and the Wind Mills are frozen solid and can’t spin. Therefore they cannot produce electricity. The Texas grid is overwhelmed, thousands of folks are without electric and people are actually freezing to death! When it warms up, all the pipes will burst and there will be millions of dollars in damage!

Here is the bottom line—Green energy helps, but it is not reliable. If you depend on it, you could die. Science is one thing and the Science of Global warming is debatable and the causes of it are many. To overtly and intentionally denigrate the safety and peace of the American people for this absurd Green New Deal is criminal. Biden is beyond logical. In my view he is the most ignorant and corrupt President in US history. I am ashamed to say I am from Delaware these days because of this dishonest, authoritarian despot named Joe Biden.

So be it folks. Indeed, it is my fervent opinion that we must defeat this horrible and false Biden agenda or America will be lost. As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

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