Company is FOUR TIMES the Size as When Andre Bouchard and Kevin Shannon Hatched the Unprecedented Idea for a Dissolution, Government Takeover, and Forced Auction of An Industry Leader

No entrepreneur can ever feel safe in Delaware, because no matter how successful your company is, the Chancery can just take it.  The Chancellor can lie to the Public with impunity, against all the witness and testimony, and call your company “dysfunctional,” and try to steal it; making his best friends rich in the process; that’s the real dysfunction here, folks.  If it can happen to TransPerfect, it can happen to you.


Dear Friends, 

Happy Easter to you, your family and TransPerfect employees and their families!   

At least we don’t have to worry that Andre Bouchard, Leo Strine, Kevin Shannon, Bob Pincus, and Jennifer Voss won’t be able to put food on their tables this Easter Sunday.  I’m sure caviar will be on the feast menu for years to come in their households, all thanks to TransPerfect workers.  I pray justice eventually comes for them, but in the meantime:

A Happy Easter celebration all around! 

Sincerely Yours, 

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network