Dear friends,

The double standard in our politics is rampant with Republicans being prosecuted while Democrats escape the same consideration. Trump was indicted for collecting classified documents at Mar-A-Lago — carefully storing them in a locked room, guarded by Secret Service Agents, even though as a former President he was entitled under the Presidential Powers Act. 

Meanwhile Biden illegally removed sensitive documents — carelessly in his garage near his Corvette! The FBI and Department of Justice were clearly weaponized against Biden’s political opponent, Donald Trump, who leads the nation in the polls. Biden was given a definite pass!

Interesting, while Trump faces prosecution and possible jail, the special prosecutor, who declined to charge Biden for the same potential crime, stated in a written, un-redacted statement, words to the effect, “Biden, although clearly guilty of wrongfully taking classified documents, should not be prosecuted because he was an old man who had considerable loss of memory and would not be qualified to stand trial.” Wow, yet he can remain President of the United States??

Biden was so annoyed and angry about the devastating finding and he decided to address the country about it. Mumbling and bumbling, Biden insisted, in an unprecedented, plethora of hard to distinguish sentences, “that his memory was fine and he had saved the country.”

Indeed nothing was further from the truth, as he was bombarded with questions from the Press, showing his incompetence, while calling the President of Egypt the President of Mexico!

Folks, there is no doubt that Biden is severely compromised.

Indeed, Biden’s campaign and election possibilities took a huge hit, while the White House is scrambling to explain his mistakes and memory difficulties. This is the man that has his hand on the nuclear button! Frightening!

That is the way I see it, what do you think? As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network