Dear Friends,

Take a look at the story below. Is it hard to believe that THERE IS NOT  something corrupt going on here? Look who the Chancery Court is doing business with, folks! There are arrests, years and years of outright scandal, including criminals, dictators and shredded docs.

Credit Suisse has the audacity to accuse TransPerfect that its motion is fraud?? When they have a rich and deep history of criminal activity?! Why would Delaware’s Chancery Court pick this bank, of all the banks in the world, to do business with?! It is cloaked in criminal activity, folks!

It’s a stain on the Chancery Court’s reputation to appoint Skadden Arps in the first place. And THEN they appoint Credit Suisse to run the action of the company? Shameful and downright unjust when you look at all the illegal activity that Credit Suisse is associated with.

Credit Suisse criticized TransPerfect’s litigation by saying it was frivolous, litigious and without merit. It is ridiculously ironic that Credit Suisse criticised the company for litigation over the company’s sale, given Credit Suisse’s 35-year long documented criminal activity, as you’ll see in the story below, which has resulted in billions in fines and sanctions.

Let us not forget that attorney Robert Pincus, as the court-appointed custodian, appointed Credit Suisse. He of Skadden Arps goes to the dirtiest investment banking firm out there!

Additionally, former Chancellor Andre Bouchard had an opportunity to say he didn’t want dirty Credit Suisse to work on this! But he didn’t. The custodian works for him, folks! The buck stops with Bouchard, who had the audacity to appoint Pincus, from Skadden, the most expensive saw firm in all of the world.

I’ll say it again. Credit Suisse is a stain on the Chancery’s reputation. Pincus, Credit Suisse, Bouchard and all the controversy that came along with it, all are a stain on the Chancery’s reputation.

Read the Guardian story below for all of the dirty details. I would love to hear your feedback on this, folks.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network