Dear friends,

I don’t do this very often, however not having lived like a frightened hermit before for 3 months, without female companionship and no eating out, has created in me a desperate need to share. We, humans, are gregarious creatures and after a certain amount of isolation, we become situationally depressed. Indeed, I think I am truly there. For me, this living here in a veritable paradise in Palm Beach has for 6 years been an extraordinary adventure with remarkable ups and downs. Interestingly, I have always been someone who really enjoyed the taste of fine food, and I can get heavy. Fortunately, I have always been an athlete, and I love to exercise. Florida has provided me the opportunity to swim and bike voraciously year-round, so I can stay in pretty good shape for an old guy.

Unfortunately, I am diabetic, so this terrible Chinese Virus has thrown a huge monkey wrench into my emotional stability. If I catch it, I could die, so I don’t do much. I have a daily routine — my pandemic/survival routine. I awaken at 5 a.m., clean my cat’s litter box, feed her, and then I jump on my bike and ride 10 miles. I then shower, lift some weights, fix myself something to eat, take my medication, and watch political TV. I find myself getting more and more upset and angry about the state of our country. I am a huge Trump guy and I know he is the best thing for America. At one point, I felt quite confident at his re-election chances, now I am not so sure. So many of our people are grotesquely misguided. I have done quite a bit of opposition research on Biden. The man is obscene in his dishonesty. For me, considering the desperate state of our Republic, if he actually wins, that reality is beyond distressing for this old Conservative warhorse.

Folks, have you ever seen anything like it in the past 3 years? I have never in my entire life seen the likes of it all. Check out the wild events: 1) Trump wins over Hillary, 2) Fake Russia investigation, 3) Absurd Mueller Report, 4) Ukraine Debacle, 5) Impeachment of Trump, 6) Trump exonerated, 7) Pandemic hits U.S., 8) Trump cancels and shuts down the best economy in U.S. history, 9) The virus kills 126,000 Americans, 10) Bad cop kills a man in Minneapolis, 11) “Black Lives Matter” burns down and loots in every city, 12) Businesses are destroyed, 13) Absolute anarchy everywhere, even in parts of South Florida.

Worried about catching the virus and dying or getting shot by crazy looters is the way it is. It is not a great way to live. I am armed, of course, inside my condo and outside as well.

For a while, I actually got used to the solitude. I really bonded with my cat and I have reflected on the death of my wife and two failed relationships here in Palm Beach. I know who I am, I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I thought maybe Florida was going to get back to work and we were on the mend, but the young people are so selfish and ignorant, they have abused all openings. The idea of compatibility of opening up and maintaining social-distancing apparently doesn’t compute with this spoiled generation of liberalism! I drove by the Avocado Grill last Sunday in West Palm Beach and there were hundreds of party kids, two feet apart, drinking up a storm. Folks, Florida is now the EPICENTER of this deadly virus; yesterday we had 9500 new cases. When you combine the mass closeness in the bars and the beaches and the protests and the looting, the danger in Florida is extremely treacherous for guys like me. It makes even venturing forth to go shopping for food a treacherous situation.

Do you believe that many Democrat mayors are considering doing away with the police? It is just too much. I think I will fix myself a stiff drink of whiskey and go to bed with my cat. Enough said, back to hardcore politics tomorrow. Going to bed a bit sad and frustrated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network