Dear friends,


I am happy to report that on February 8th I received my 1st Moderna Vaccine shot. Other than a stiff right arm, there was no consequence. I received my 2nd shot at 4pm on Thursday March 4th. This was different. I awakened at 3am the next morning with my left arm throbbing like it was going to fall off. I had a slight fever of 101, felt aches and pains all over and was extremely fatigued. These symptoms lasted most of the day. By 8am Saturday morning I felt fine. I have been told I am already 75 percent covered and in about 10 more days I will have 95 percent immunity from this dreaded Chinese Virus!


Because I am a senior citizen with diabetes I have been locked down for a year. I must admit to some depression and loneliness. Experiencing a failed romance with my 1st girlfriend, who I reunited with in Palm Beach after the death of my wife, losing the Trump election, being isolated, concerned about survival, and a plethora of ordinary frustrations has been disconcerting for this old sailor. Thoughts of my wonderful wife Maria who died of cancer 7 years ago were constant. She was remarkable and the best there ever was. God I miss her terribly. Odd how sometimes you don’t appreciate someone until they are gone. That being said, I now intend to change things. I am going to start living again. I may get shot or killed by an irate husband or boyfriend, a crazy liberal, Antifa, or BLM, however, it doesn’t look like it will be the Coronavirus that will get me now that I am vaccinated! THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!


I have to tell you, folks, I feel like I have completed a “Rite of Passage”. It has not been easy for me to actually get vaccinated. I tried everything and could not get an appointment. Some elderly folks I know waited over four hours at a football stadium and finally felt so bad from the experience, they gave up and went home. Others have jumped online and got an immediate appointment that was an easy, successful enterprise. I had to charm a hospital administrator to get mine. Indeed, the process, once I got hooked up, was a piece of cake, unlike some of the horror stories I have heard. Unbelievable, folks!


I have heard from friends, who have received the 2nd dose of the vaccine, many stories about their experience afterward — from having to go to the hospital in an ambulance, mild symptoms like me, to nothing at all. Regardless, folks, I urge everyone to get vaccinated. This damn disease has killed more than 500,000 Americans. Not so sure the lockdowns have not contributed as well, however it can and does kill elderly people with pre-existing conditions.


It was and is not easy, in this free state of Florida, with our brilliant Governor DeSantis, to get vaccinated. Florida is a state where business is booming, schools are fully open, and Corona deaths are way down and below New York and California, where dictatorial lockdowns are still in effect. I can’t imagine how rough it has been on those of you who have had to live under the authoritarian regimes of stupid governors.


Folks, I think I am “free at last, free at last”, perhaps at least from the Chinese Plague. I am thankful to be alive, although extremely concerned about freedom overall in the coming socialism, disastrous restrictions, and conflicts that we will soon have to endure. Indeed folks, I am now fortified and ready for the battle. Love to hear from you.


Sincerely yours, 

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network