Dear Friends,

Last week I wrote about the “Citizens for Pro-Business Delaware” (CPBD) ad attacking big law firm Skadden Arps for ethical breaches and lack of diversity. CPBD also ran an ad that I wrote about, pointing out the lack of transparency in the Chancery Court and the many conflicts of interest. I want you to see one of the ads I did not write about, which ran in the Delaware News Journal. I think it underlines all that is wrong with the Chancery Court and the conflicts of interest and how tangled our web really is in Delaware. In my educated opinion, it is these conflicts and associations that make Delaware a suspect place to do business and makes so many of us ask whether Delaware judges can really render fair opinions in their court when the court community is so close-knit and seemingly incestuous.

It is time for new laws and rules requiring all judges and attorneys to disclose their relationships BEFORE a case starts so that every side has an opportunity to get a fair shake. Transparency is greatly needed if our great State is to thrive.

Look at the ad below and tell me what you think?! After I saw it, I asked myself, who’s really in charge of our court system in Delaware?

Curiously Yours,

Judson Bennett-Coastal Network