Dear Friends,

There is a monster living among us and that monster is President Joe Biden. Notwithstanding the fact that he is a proven liar, having lied about everything from his grades and degrees in college to defaming Curtis Dunn (the poor man whose truck was hit by Biden’s first wife), to lying about Nelson Mandela, to lying about his marriage and romance with his wife Jill, hiding his adulterous affair, and betraying a friend and political supporter. How in the hell did this guy get elected in the first place??? Folks, the people didn’t know it, because the press covered it up. Biden, having charisma in those days, unlike his demented state now, was remarkably interesting to listen to. He could talk for hours off the cuff, and he was impressive. Unfortunately, the intrinsically evil and dishonest side of this con-man was never produced for public view and he was re-elected over and over again.

Then, he was picked by Obama as his VP, lending his insidious con-game some credibility. During his 8-year period as Vice President, in my opinion, he was able – with the help and talent of his son Hunter – to peddle his influence to Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, and others for millions of dollars. Hunter, as we know, is supposedly under investigation, however it appears he is being protected by the U.S. Attorney David Weiss?? Then we have the discovery of the HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP FROM HELL! Folks, the evidence of collusion, corruption, and influence peddling, when combined with the testimony of Hunter’s former business partners, indicates Joe Biden was involved in criminal activity, which now that he is President, possibly compromises our national security??

Now that Joe Biden is President, what has he accomplished so far for the benefit of the American people? Folks, absolutely nothing, as far as I’m concerned, and as a matter of fact he has through his actions, attempted to destroy our American way of life through false, divisive, racial comments – opening the Southern border where millions of un-vetted illegals are coming into the U.S. – drugs that have killed 100,000 Americans so far – terrorists sneaking into the country along with violent Central American gangs. He is hell-bent on destroying the oil industry creating unbelievable inflation and price increases. How about destroying female sports – allowing men who want to be women to now dominate in swimming, track and field. And look at Afghanistan. Biden created and ordered the most incompetent and disgraceful military disaster in our recent history with the absurd withdrawal of our troops.

Folks, as I see it, Biden is the worst, the most dangerous President in United States history. There truly is a monster living among us and the situation is frightening.

I pray for the voters to rise up in 2022 and 2024 and remove this grotesque abomination from our lives. That is how I see it. I believe I speak the truth, and if anything I have understated the danger to our prosperity, freedom, and national security. As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated. How do you feel?

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network