Dear Friends,


When 12,000 illegals, many Chinese, Arabs, and single military age men, cross our border in one day, un-vetted, there is an unprecedented crisis brewing that is compromising our national security and economic prosperity.


Folks, when illegal aliens are sleeping in our streets, sucking the resources from the American people, something is terribly wrong! The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has violated his oath of office, compromised our national security, and is doing everything he can to destroy the American dream!


Border towns in Texas and Arizona are being overwhelmed and destroyed by this criminal influx of human beings seeking a better life that is fallacious and despicable in every possible way. The burden on our tax payers is unprecedented. Drugs, sex trafficking, and dangerous criminals and terrorists are flooding our country creating chaos and despair!


Biden is without a doubt a monster who is directly responsible for the despicable outrage that is overwhelming our future as a viable nation. When you open the border to the world, without consequences, you no longer have a country!


Folks, we must remove this disgusting criminal, named Joe Biden, as our leader immediately, or we will be lost!


The world has gone crazy! God help us!


That is the way I see it. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Respectfully yours,


JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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