Chancellor Bouchard, what are you hiding? The law requires you to unseal these documents and let the public examine the court’s activities. If you aren’t covering your tracks and are not guilty of an impropriety, come clean and follow the law?


Sad to say, my loyal readers, that the black eye on Delaware is no longer confined to a local or national phenomenon, it has now gone global! Frankly, it is embarrassing for Delaware and it will further denigrate Delaware’s falling, former reputation as the best place for business justice.


Bouchard’s unlawful sealing of TransPerfect Global documents are indeed potentially damning to him and his Skadden Arps cronies (who I have been told were just fined $4.6 million by the DOJ for illegal activity that constitutes treason in my view) recently captures headlines in Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, where I understand that TransPerfect has 500 employees.


Transparency is without a doubt required by the Courts.  Bouchard, you and your cronies cannot mask illicit activities in the dark of night — by ordering mass sealing of public documents! Who do you think you are? You sir are not above the law!


Where did the $250 million go Bouchard? I know repairs on your Bentley are expensive, but don’t you think this is a little overboard?? If you have done nothing wrong, you certainly have nothing to hide. So prove me wrong, unseal the case, and expose the documents for all to see.


Right now you are creating an acute appearance of an impropriety. Under no circumstances should the public ever have to even suspect irregularities in the Court of Chancery. As I see it, the Court’s reputation just a couple of years ago was beyond reproach and now it is not!


You are now under the global microscope of investigative reports from as far away as Spain! Chancellor Bouchard, you owe the good citizens of Delaware a specific accounting of exactly where your appropriation of these funds, by your orders, to whom they were paid and for exactly what?


These TransPerfect documents must be released to the public if the Delaware Court of Chancery is to have any credibility at all.


I will not stop investigating, and writing about this until Chancellor Bouchard gives the public the transparency the law requires.


Please see the article below.




The details of the ‘Transperfect case’ are still hidden by order of the judge

Contrary to what US law dictates, Judge Bouchard has decided to prevent the public from accessing the records of the conflict that put 5,000 workers at risk, 500 of them in BCN

Delaware TransPerfect

The American justice dictates a resolution on the company Transperfect / FOTOMONTAJE CG


01.31.2019 00:00 h.

Nine months have passed since Phil Shawe took over 100% of the translation multinational Transperfect , which has one of its main international headquarters in Barcelona and a workforce of nearly a thousand companies. The takeover took place after one of the most mediatic business conflicts in the United States in the last four years. However, despite the resolution of the dispute, the judicial file of the case remains hidden from the public by decision of the Supreme Court Justice of Delaware, André Bouchard .

This new movement of the judge – the same that decreed the forced sale of the company founded in 1992 by Shawe and his ex-partner, Liz Elting – contributes to adding more opacity, if possible, to a shareholder conflict characterized by its lack of transparency and neutrality The dispute put at risk the future of more than 5,000 workers, 500 of whom are in the company’s offices in Barcelona, its most important international headquarters .

Opacity and obscurantism

The business conflict represented for the company an expense of 250 million dollars –214 million euros – in more than 30 law firms , global investment banks and entities specialized in M & A for the alleged resolution of the conflict. All these expenses had the approval of Judge Bouchard, who in turn, has maintained a long friendship with the leading law firms that have profited most from the forced sale of the multinational.

These benefited firms have been Potter Anderson and Skadden Arps , through the fees of their lawyers Kevin Shannon and Robert Pincus respectively. Sources close to Transperfect say that a large part of the money charged to the translation and dubbing company by these companies comes from invoices approved by Judge Bouchard that do not present details or justifications.

Out of the law

The decision of Judge André Bouchard goes against the current US legislative framework, which requires to make public the detailed information of the cases resolved.

In this sense, several civic associations of Delaware request that the works commissioned by Bouchard be investigated by the law firms, while they reject the judge’s decision to hide the details of the case, contrary to the provisions of the law. prevent the public and the media from accessing their records.

Delaware, exposed

The ‘TransPerfect Case’ has seriously damaged the prestige and neutrality of the State of Delaware, recognized in the world for its flexible and impartial judicial system. The imposition of a forced sale to a private company with positive results, the refusal to include in the bid strategic offers for the company or the opacity of the case demonstrated recently, have been some elements that have undermined the reputation of which it was one of the more attractive places for the American business ecosystem.

According to a survey prepared by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Delaware has fallen from the first to the eleventh position of the judicial neutrality ranking, after canvassing more than 1,300 general counsel, lawyers and senior managers. In turn, it is not surprising the decision of many companies to move their corporate headquarters to more competitive and neutral environments. This is what TransPerfect did to the state of Nevada at the end of 2018, as one of the first actions of Phil Shawe to restore stability to the company and its workers.

Sustained growth

Despite the fact that co-founder Phil Shawe had initially been removed from the sale of his company, in May 2018 the businessman put an end to the conflict by buying 50% of his partner and ex-partner for a value of 385 million dollars (330 million euros) thus doing so with 100% of the multinational.

Despite the grueling struggle for custody, TransPerfect closed 2018 with revenues of 705 million dollars – 621 million euros – 15% more than the previous year . This figure has remained positive for 26 years, which marks a clear upward trend in the sector , despite the fact that competitive threats such as Google and Microsoft are already approaching, which already offer translation services, where the results are often repeated awkward and errors in the translation of idioms or phrases.

Increase in employees

At the beginning of 2019, Transperfect hired its 5,000th employee. The company has more than 90 offices in cities around the world such as London or Sâo Paulo, however, its second most important headquarters – the first is in New York – is Barcelona, which has doubled its staff every three years.

In this sense, Phil Shawe predicts that the company could reach a thousand jobs in the Catalan capital by 2020.