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It appears that all the polls indicating that former President Donald Trump was overwhelmingly ahead in Iowa, were indeed correct as he captured 51% of the caucus vote there. As a result, Vivek Ramaswamy ended his 2024 Republican presidential campaign and endorsed Trump, throwing his 7.5% operation that way, making Trump even more difficult to overcome in future primaries.

Ron DeSantas took 2nd place slightly ahead of Nikki Haley. I believe Trump will capture the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, which should force the others out, but egos and stubbornness may keep them in the race. I doubt if Trump would pick either one as his Vice President, when he captures the Republican nomination, which I believe he will, regardless of the fallacious prosecutions being instigated against him by the insidious Biden administration. DeSantis is an excellent Governor of Florida and Hally was an excellent Governor of South Carolina and a very good UN Secretary. In my view, both are Presidential material, but now is not their time. That being said, to avoid further division, I am hopeful they will drop out and endorse Trump as did Ramaswamy. Indeed, I see them as possible Presidents in the future. We will see what happens?

Regardless, Biden and the absurd, extreme Democrats that support him must be defeated or this country will implode. I have never in my life  seen a more corrupt and dangerous government that threatens our freedoms and national security.

What do you think? Can Trump win the Presidency again? I am certain he is going to be the Republican candidate!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Yours truly,

JUDSON Bennett- Coastal Network

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