Dear friends,

Now the State of Georgia (actually founded originally as a prison colony), especially Fulton County Georgia, will now go down in history, as a state filled with dishonest dealings, where the unprecedented arrest and prosecution of former President Donald Trump has just occurred by an insipid, prejudiced, Democrat, and corrupt District Attorney—including a MUG Shot of the “Donald.”
I used to think of Ray Charles’ great song, “Georgia on My Mind” when thinking of Georgia. I would think of Hershel Walker and football. When driving back and forth from Florida, I would always remember it was the shortest state to drive though. Now I will always think of Georgia as a totalitarian shit-hole filled with hypocritical crap with the likes of Stacy Abrams.

Folks, a complete mockery of the Justice system has just occurred, mainly because a former President dared to question the results of an election in the state of Georgia. This grotesque happening is the 4th indictment of Donald Trump and is a world-wide embarrassment.

The absurd actions of the prosecutor are a political prosecution and consist of nothing more than lies and hyperbole. She should be disbarred!
I wonder how many pictures of Trump they had to take to get that mean look?

Trump is hanging tough and will ultimately prevail. Folks this is a true travesty of justice. IT CANNOT STAND! GOD HELP US!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. SEE the Mug shot below which has gone viral.

Respectfully Submitted,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network