Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your continuous feedback. I appreciate your viewpoints tremendously.

Candice Green Wilkinson is the best candidate for this office. Please give her your support!

Feedback from my endorsement of CANDICE GREEN WILKINSON for Sussex County Register Wills:

“Thank you!!  you have a way with words.I appreciate your time and endorsement, it means a lot.”Candice Green Wilkinson”Wonderful Endorsement, she has my vote.”-John W. “I appreciate your concern.

I will ask Greg about this the next time I see him.”-Bryant R. “Judson, that’s an outstanding article, thank you very much.” -Keller H.”I have to call you out on this one Judd. You don’t know Greg Fuller at all. This man is probably closer to Jesus than most of us in his faith.

He does not support abortion. He left the party because of his Christian principles that he could no longer be a part of what the Democrat party represents today. And Greg Fuller is the only register of wills that used to work his ass off and go out to senior centers and help them to understand the importance of having a will.

Not to mention Greg Fuller has used his faith to help families mend after a loved ones death versus fighting over who’s going to get what.

I don’t have a problem with you endorsing Candace Green, but you don’t know Greg Fuller.”-Scott W.”The office is not closed. It has stayed open throughout COVID.The only change is that all business is by appointment only now, like a lawyer or doctor’s office.Things run much smoother now, for everyone, including the public.”-Eric. B.

Keep your wonderful feedback coming, folks! I enjoy reading it and appreciate sharing it with all of you.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network