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Dear friends,

I received substantial feedback from the article in which yours truly was interviewed by National White House Correspondent, Chris Cadelago from Politico magazine on the TransPerfect case. The piece not only confirms my suspicions about EX-Chancellor Bouchard and his gang of legal pirates – but also vindicates my view that the corruption in the Chancery Court is real, and devastating to Delaware’s image.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton said this in 1887. It is still true today, and there is no better example of this than the Delaware Chancery Court – in which archaic Old English rules make the system vulnerable to a man of Bouchard’s ethical fiber, which is ripe for abuse in my opinion. Example: Judges can select their own cases where the attorneys are their friends!?!? Versus a randomized process of judge selection!?!? A five-year-old could tell you this isn’t fair – the Chancery has no interest in even giving the appearance of fairness – in my view, just in enriching its “Good Old Boys Club” of cronies.

This must stop for the good of Delaware, and our Chancery must change. Thank you Politico for spotlighting the corruption I have spent near 10 years fighting! The story appears in full below. Thanks to so many of you for the flood of feedback! Perhaps change is in the air. I wish I could print them all, but here are 10 representative comments.

Forever for Delaware!

Feedback from Politico story:

1. Lynn R.
Judd, making POLITICO put you on the National Stage.
Good comments and to the point.
You pulled no punches. Great Job!

2. Albert S.
Wow what a story! Judson you are ready Fox News!
Philip Shawe has fulfilled the American dream and Delaware has tried to ruin it for him.
Glad the truth is coming out, thanks to people like you.
Can’t stand Sharpton who is an idiot. Keep up the great work. Al

3. Nickalous C.
Great job keeping us informed.
Delaware is a corrupt state and your dedication to the truth about it is laudable.
Time for change in Delaware.
Best Regards,

4. Evelyne B.
Wow! Very involved.
I read it and it is quite amazing.

5. Julia D .

It’s sad that the Delaware Way has been allowed to get so bad. Keep after it, Judson!

6. John W.
Judson, Great article.
Biden a crook, U.S. Attorney in Delaware a crook, Governor a dictator, and the Chancery Court has been passing money around like water for years at the expense of businesses. The Delaware Way is alive and well.
Thanks for your tireless work on this saga. Best regards, John

7. Julie V.

Bouchard should be in jail!

8. Frank M.
It runs much deeper than I would have ever thought! I pray this, Biden, and “other antics” all are exposed and our legislators take action!

9. Thomas B.
Everyone is beating up this court, yet it is deserved and not without sin.
God Bless America, Judson!

10. Susan L.
Who knew this level of dishonesty is even going on? Thank you for your reporting!
Indeed I thank you all for your many responses through Facebook and the Coastal Network. I dropped the last names to protect your privacy. Again I appreciate and welcome the amazing feedback. which shows that the public is recognizing the Chancery Court’s inequities and the importance for change.

Scroll down to read the well-written Politico article. Let’s keep this momentum going for change in Delaware and our Chancery Court.

Yours Truly,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network