Dear Friends,

I used to think that former President Jimmy Carter was the worst President in U.S. history. Joe Biden, an incompetent wretch who has in the past two years done more damage to our once great society than one could possibly perceive.

Do you like the fact that we have millions upon millions of illegal aliens invading our country who are fed, clothed, educated, and turned loose, not to work, but to suck up our assets, while Americans suffer? All on Biden!

Do you like the fact that thousands of Americans are dying from horrible drug overdoses? All on Biden!

Do you like the fact that Female Sports are now compromised because men who decide they want to be women unfairly compete against female athletes? All on Biden!

Do you like the fact that the fallacious “Green New Deal” is literally breaking America, while China spews devastating crap into our atmosphere? Do you like the fact that we are being forced into buying electric cars that are not even slightly good for the environment? All on Biden!

Do you like the fact that your President with the help of his entire family is guilty of influence peddling–reaping millions of dollars? All on Biden!

Do you like the fact that our American Cities are open sewers of crime, created by incompetent Democrat Mayors, all supported by our grotesque President? All on Biden!

I could fill 20 pages of the despicable acts that this administration has bestowed on our people. If Biden or any of these horrible elected officials are allowed to continue for another 4 years, our country will evolve into eventual anarchy followed by a Socialist Dictatorship that will restrict our former freedoms.

Our only hope is to elect conservative Republicans in Congress and a Republican President. Frankly, in my view, anybody who votes for traitorous Biden and those of his ilk is either incredibly stupid or incredibly evil.

That’s the way I see it. What do you think? Whether you agree or disagree, your comments are welcome and appreciated. I am happy to debate anyone on these issues, because I have the evidence.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network