Dear Friends, 

My columns last week on the insane Whopper Fees. justified by Delaware Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Travis Laster, calling Delaware “different”, backing outrageous theft of nearly 27% in fees in the $1 Billion Dell case in Delaware Highway robbery crime we sadly see from the Chancery Court. 

Some of the feedback you sent: 

“Laster is not just showing poor leadership. He’s showing his extreme bias! 
Is there no retribution? No price to pay for this legalized crime?”
-Samantha D. 

“267 MIllion?? How is that ever justified? How and why is this allowed in our state?! 
-Louis L. 

“Escalating greed keeps reeking, Judson.” 
Georgia P. 

“Laster showing that he’s part of the problem, if not THE problem. He should be fired! 
-John W. 

“The percentage these lawyers are getting is out of control. It’s more than credit card companies or the Mafia would get. How is this legal??”
-Thomas M. 

“Why wouldn’t these companies and lawyers sue for obscene amounts? 
$1 billion? $267 million? Take it if you can get it. From all sides. 
The rest of us are just spectators in this circus of a court we have.” 
-Barabara P. 

“I feel like you keep writing crazy things about this Chancery Court and I honestly think you’re exaggerating, like a cartoon, it can’t be real. The stakes keep getting higher and this court runs itself. No one in Delaware seems to care at all. I’ll keep reading this crazy s–t, Judson.” 
-Robert W. 

Keep your feedback coming in on this, folks. Thank you! Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network