Dear friend,

President Joe Biden, besides being the worst President in United States history, is without any doubt in my mind, not only a huge hypocrite, phony, and a criminal, he is now and always has been a nefarious liar about everything in his entire life.

He lied about his grades, his education, his accomplishments, his marriage to Jill and how they met, and much more. It amazes me that the majority of the people of Delaware and much of the nation never really recognized, just how bad Biden really is? Not only is he all of the horrible things I mentioned above, he is also quite stupid and incredibly arrogant.

When you are President, eventually, everything you ever said or did is checked and documented. Biden always thought he was immune to being exposed. A corrupt press has apparently been covering up for Biden’s despicable prevarications combined with his previous charisma (which is no more), is the only possible explanation I can offer for his re-elections and now absurd Presidency? Well folks, the chickens have finally started to come home to roost!

The latest outrageous lie that Biden propagated, which was only covered by Fox News, is his laughable and false story about his epiphany concerning his feelings about Gay marriage. Being from Delaware, having played football against Joe Biden at his school (Archmere Academy) and at my old school St. Andrew’s, this latest lie really rubs me the wrong way, and I can personally vouch for his falsehood.

Biden claims at a young age he learned from his father how to appreciate Gay relationships and marriage. Biden said recently, that when he was a young boy, while his father was dropping him off at Archmere Academy, they observed two well-dressed men in business suits kissing, and after the embrace, Biden says he watched one man go into the DuPont building and the other go into the Hercules building across the Street. His father told him it was “because they loved each other.” Biden then said, got out of the car and went into his school.

Here’s the rub folks: The DuPont building is and was 7 miles from Archmere Academy and the Hercules Building was not built until 1989. Biden graduated in 1961. I know the area extremely well. He is lying.

What is even more damming, there is a clear video of Biden stating as a young Senator, “That marriage should only be between a man and a woman and he was opposed to Gay Marriage.”

Folks, Biden has lied all his life, and he is lying to the American people about everything. He must be removed from office and the thought of him being in charge of our country for another term as President gives me chills. He is, in my view, a true abomination.

I personally don’t care what people do in their bedrooms. But Biden, who has always been homo-phobic and definitely touted it as a young man at Archmere Academy in 1961 according to my very reliable information. He has conveniently changed his tune for political purposes and has made up an absurd story to back it up. He is so stupid, he never thought this lie, among his thousands of others, would be recognized. That is the truth as I know it, and how I clearly see it. What do you think?

As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network