Dear Friends,

Former President Donald Trump, now the official GOP candidate for President of the United States, is experiencing unprecedented indictments based on fallacious issues, as the absurd witch-hunts develop in Georgia, Florida, and New York. 

In Georgia, Judge McAfee ruled that 3 of the charges against Trump are to be dropped, that controversial DA Fani Willis must remove Special prosecutor Nathan Wade (her apparent lover) if she wants to remain on the case or she can remove herself and her entire office from the case. The appearance of improprieties was apparent according to the Judge, calling the situation having an “aura of mendacity”. Consequently, Wade immediately resigned. Regardless, Judge McAfee decided to make this lightweight decision. As to exactly what damaged prosecutor Fani Willis will now choose to do remains to be seen.

The Federal cases involving classified documents in Mar A Lago and the charges against Trump on January 6th remain fluid with substantial delays being proposed. The New York debacles are also on hold.

As to the documents, Trump had declassified them and under the apparent, nebulous “Presidential Records Act”, kept the documents under lock and key-guarded by secret service agents in Mar A Lago, while Biden kept his stolen documents in his garage with zero consequence. The results of this prosecution remain to be seen?

As to the charges involved, for instigating a riot at the Capital, against Trump on January 6th, are without merit? He clearly stated and I heard his words, “Go to the Capital and peacefully demonstrate.” He also offered 10,000 National Guard troops, which were directly negated by Nancy Pelosi !!!!!  The charges are ridiculous and Trump should ultimately be exonerated.

As to the various NY charges, indeed they are beyond anything close to reasonable or legitimate. We are living in a Banana Republic.

Interestingly, Trump keeps going up in the polls and Biden is losing votes on every issue with young voters, women, African Americans and Hispanics!!

That is the way I see it. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network