Dear Friends,


Having observed and analyzed the methods of the Delaware Court operations of both Andre Bouchard and Leo Strine, in my view, especially in Delaware’s now famous TransPerfect case, it’s easy to see why both have left or are set to leave their government-appointed posts well before their terms were up. Bouchard’s subjectivity, open bias, and appearances of impropriety made him clearly suspect to me. Strine’s obtuseness and arrogance during the appeal stimulated the same concern in my gut as I felt about Bouchard.


The way the TransPerfect case was handled was unusual and left many observers queasy. Indeed, huge amounts of money were paid out and there is doubt in many eyes as to the legitimacy of everything that happened. Actions speak loudly. And here we are now, with two of the most powerful men in our court system, resigned and resigning. That has to be unsettling for those who remain in power as to who could be next? 


There is much speculation and rumor as to the real reasons why Strine left and Bouchard is leaving. The Delaware Way is always at work and the official state government proclamations and reasons have been established.


Those of us who have followed these men and their cases, wonder if both Strine and Bouchard are smugly laughing at the system? Are both a lot richer coming out of this Delaware-insider, Good Ole Boy system? We may never know. We can demand that our state representatives appoint a new Chancellor with logical understanding of the law, based on objectivity and free of conflicts of interest.


Change is needed in the law in regard to Delaware’s judicial operation, especially in the Chancery Court and the appeals that are considered thereafter. Now with Bouchard and Stine out of the way, change is sure to come. Will it be change for the better? We must ensure that it is for our state and our citizens to once again prosper and lead as America’s First State!


As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Respectfully yours,


JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network