Dear Friends,

I struck a nerve in my recent column about the severe drain from Chancery Court corruption in the now well-known TransPerfect case, which was in the court full of cronyism, and infested with a Good Ole Boy Network that continues to enrich its friends, as I see it, at the expense of TransPerfect workers.

Here are the top comments from all that were sent in: 

“How can this court in good conscience let these salaries be impacted??”

“Can this company continue to lose millions? When will this stop?”

“The Chancery Court should not be able to touch people’s holiday bonuses, Judson.”

“The hell with McCormick. She needs to get out of this company’s business. I have my own company, Judson, and if this woman continued to lean on my company like this, I’d sue her ass!”

“Good for them. I’m glad to see the company growing in spite of this greedy court.”


“How much longer can this go on? This case should have ended a couple of years ago.”

Thank you for your always-welcome feedback, folks. Keep ’em rolling in! I appreciate it.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network