Let’s Go Back and Memorialize the Beginning of the Dark Days of the Chancery Court.In 2014, after Bouchard helped install his former intern as our previous Chancellor, a National Review article tried to warn all Delawareans.  

Dear friends,  

I implore you to carefully read the 2014 National Review article below entitled, “The Strine Strain: Some Judges Take a Toll on Justice.” As I’m sure you’ll remember from my articles (because no one else will cover it), Strine was BOUCHARD’S Intern. Many Delawareans I have talked with think this relationship is somehow OK (debatable) because it was the other way around. I’m telling you, it is not! When they were both at Skadden Arps, Chancellor Andre Bouchard was the big-boss-man over our Chief Justice/Intern Leo Strine — and, as you’ll see from this article, the apple didn’t fall far from the poisonous tree.  

For those who think I am alone and whimsical in pushing for drastic judicial reforms, with “radical ideas” such as the disclosure of court-ordered bills as required by law, the random assigning of judges to cases, disclosure of relationships (like Bouchard and the infamous, Kevin Shannon of the TransPerfect case), and jury trials to put a check on the Chancellor’s sweeping power, which are so omnipotent that they are ripe for abuse. See the article below from The National Review in 2014. Please note, I’m neither condoning or condemning the controversial author, but he’s obviously highly-educated, articulate, and understands firsthand what I, and many of my readers view plainly as a pattern of corruption by Delaware Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard. 

He writes:  “After Strine enthroned others in control of our companies, his protégés enriched themselves obscenely and the companies eventually went bankrupt, wiping out $2 billion of shareholders’ equity dispersed among average people in every U.S. state and Canadian province.” Sound familiar, like another victim of the infamous Bouchard-Strine two-step tango that saw the court’s close friends at Skadden seemingly abscond with over $25 million in fees for “undisclosed services” as was implemented by the “court- ordered custodian” in the TransPerfect case.  

When you read this, remember, this article is just about Bouchard’s Intern Strine. Bouchard was astonishingly permitted to help Strine elevate his personal career when Bouchard was on the Judicial Nominating Committee of the Bar Association. Then disgustingly, one hand washed the other, and Strine returned the favor by elevating Bouchard. Now, as I see it, the true Skadden Arps (puppet) master of enriching Delaware good ole boy cronies is now our Chief Chancellor, Andre Bouchard. God help us — absent judicial reform.   

Respectfully submitted,  

Judson Bennett, Coastal Network