Dear Friends,

I watched the entire Presidential debate and even took notes. Without a doubt, Trump clearly won the contest, maintaining a cool presence, while Biden seemed confused, had lapses of memory, and looked terrible.

President Biden, after spending 10 days at Camp David, prepping for the event, possibly juiced up with Adderall, was not able to carry it off ! In my view, besides his outrageous and despicable Border policy — sending millions of unvetted illegal aliens across the border- including terrorists, rapists, murderers, and drug dealers — being a lifetime, nefarious liar, a criminal, and an incompetent leader, indeed his suspected senility was obvious during the debate! Trump pointed out effectively every negative aspect of Biden’s administration, while Biden was not able to make any realistic points against Trump–even on the January 6th situation or the abortion issue.

In the aftermath of the debate, even the Democrats have gone into a complete panic mode and are considering replacing him at the Democratic convention, by asking him to agree not to run or perhaps playing hardball, and the delegates nominating someone else in a floor fight?

Frankly, I believe Jill Biden. is despicable in her ambitious desire to keep senile Joe in office. Indeed, she must be totally aware of Joe’s mental decline and should be ashamed of herself.

In conclusion, I give CNN credit for running a fair debate–the questions were fair and the operation went smoothly.

Donald Trump stepped into the “Lion’s Den”, operated completely under Biden’s rules and dominated the debate totally. On the other hand, it is now clear that President Joe Biden’s ineffective and poor performance during the debate, despite his incessant dishonesty during his entire career, who indeed once was an effective orator, with charisma that Delawareans apparently bought “hook line and sinker” for years, now has advancing, senile dementia, and is not competent to be President of the United States!!!!!

That is how I see it. Folks, you all saw the debate. What do you think? As always your comments are welcome and appreciated. Enough said !

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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