Dear Friends,

So many of you responded to my column about the Wall Street Journal story on the devastation going on in Delaware, as the state appears to be driving away corporations. It’s the point I’ve been drumming in this column over-and-over for years.

America’s First State deserves better. A fish rots from the head down. In my opinion, this all starts, and ends, at the desk of Governor John Carney. I’m calling upon Governor Carney to do all of us a giant favor to do the right thing before he leaves office: Fix the damn Chancery Court! 

Do it, John. Think of it as a parting gift to your state and your country. Maybe for political reasons it was too much of a political hot-potato to touch in the beginning or middle of your term. But like so many politicians before you, the time to get the unpopular, hard-to-get-stuff done, is at the end of your term. That’s prime time for the real dirty-work, 

This is the #1 issue for Delaware and needs to be the top thing Carney gets done before he ends his term as governor. Now is the time. Governor. Do it for your legacy. Do it for all who have suffered at the hands of our corrupt court. Do it to be remembered in our history books.

Please send your feedback on this. It is always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

Here’s the Wall Street Journal story:

Delaware Is Trying Hard to Drive Away Corporations

A flirtation with ESG is jeopardizing its status as a preferred destination for corporate headquarters.

By William P. Barr and Jonathan Berry
Nov. 24, 2023 3:12 pm ET

Delaware wasn’t always the go-to state for corporate law. And if it escalates its flirtation with environmental, social and governance investment principles, the First State might end up losing its privileged status, just like its neighbor once did.

Here’s my Coastal Network column about the Wall Street Journal story:

Delaware Is Trying Hard to Drive Away Corporations, Wall Street Journal Saying What I’ve Said For Years
27 November, 2023

by Judson Bennett