“As I have said many times publicly, I support the President and his administration. Like the President, I am an outsider and a businessman, not a politician.”  Gene Truono, Candidate for U.S. Senate


Delaware U.S. Senate candidates clash over who’s more of a Republican

·         Rob Petree

·         Jun 25, 2018 Updated Jun 25, 2018

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A challenge of conservatism has ramped up the rhetoric between two candidates in Delaware’s race for U.S. Senate when Rob Arlett called Gene Truono a “party crasher” after it was learned he changed his party affiliation from Independent a few months prior to launching his campaign for the Republican nomination. 

Truono appeared on the Dan Gaffney Show Monday morning where he claimed he supported more Republican policies than Arlett who told our Susan Monday in an earlier interview that “there’s a lot of things in the party that I don’t agree to, but the reality is it’s not about party politics, it’s about putting the focus back on the people.”

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“I really support almost all of the platform of the Republican party. I reviewed it in detail in detail before I decided to run for office, which is why I decided to run as a Republican. And I reviewed it again most recently and I think of all the positions, both domestic and foreign, I fully support” he said. “The only one actually in the platform that I don’t is the gay marriage issue, otherwise I think I am very aligned with the National Republican Committee. I haven’t heard back from Rob on what positions he doesn’t support.”   

Arlett was quick to fire back, at which time he called Truono a “party crasher” and pointed out that he changed his party affiliation from Independent to Republican to launch a bid for U.S. Senate.

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“I don’t know where my opponent is coming from because he has no record because he’s only come into the Republican party seven or eight months ago, specifically to run for the U.S. Senate,” he said. “I would call my opponent a ‘party crasher’ because he’s crashed the Republican party specifically to run for the U.S. Senate. So, the question would be why would he not just run as an independent. If he was always an Independent, then why would he crash the Republican party? It makes no sense to any Republican, truth be told.”

Truono said he changed his party affiliation in August, 2017. He cited how President Trump was a registered Democrat before he was an Independent and before he was Republican. He claimed party affiliation doesn’t transcend to someone’s values and principles, and that he’s been a conservative all his life.

The two candidates went head to head in a debate last week in Milton. The state’s primary election will take place September 6th. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and only registered voters from participating parties may vote. 

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