Keeping Corruption and Unscrupulous Behavior Out of Our Chancery Court Is What Delaware Needs Right Now
Dear Friends,

As we put another Halloween behind us, I want to say one more thing about the “Haunted House of Chancery” ad. Citizens put a bright spotlight, in the Delaware News Journal newspaper, on what is the weakest link of Delaware’s court system, in my opinion, the Chancery Court.

Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick rubber-stamps millions in fees, years after the forced sale of TransPerfect in the court, the ad says, as the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, Collin Seitz Jr., ignored conflict of interest laws in the TransPerfect case and Governor John Carney upholds the “Ole Boys’ Club” keeping the line of lawyers to judges clear for the cronyism that has plagued our state for too many years.

Take a look at the ad and tell me if you agree that ending corruption and unscrupulous behavior is what Delaware needs most right now. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network