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On an amazing appeal result from a NY Appellate Court, Donald Trump had his outrageous and unprecedented order from the nefarious AG Letitia James assault requiring Trump to post a bond of half-a-billion dollars to be able to even appeal or lose his properties, was significantly reduced to $186 million and he was given 10 days to arrange the details. Trump will post cash and appeal this absurd litigation all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Ironically, Trump’s own social media platform, established in 2022, named “Truth Social” is now trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange and has millions of followers. Trump’s stock is now worth billions of dollars, making him potentially one of the richest men in the world.

Trump’s popularity is soaring, and he leads Biden in every swing state. The Democrat-inspired witch hunts, clearly in collusion with Biden’s White House, in a heinous attempt to remove Trump from running, are backfiring and Trump is moving ahead with his positive campaign issues.

In the interim, Biden’s intentional border crisis continues with thousands of illegals from all over the world walking into our country. The financial devastation and the criminal activity from these policies are changing the face of our country.

As an aside, Biden mentioned that in his trip to Virginia, “he took the train over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. For those of us who have lived in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia know there is not a train over the bridge tunnel nor has there ever been one. Obviously, Biden’s dementia is increasing.

The consistent and unprecedented saga of this campaign season continues as the voters are now considering who to support. RFK’s entry as a Presidential candidate, gleaning 12% of the polls, will affect the outcome in November.

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