In Vacating Former Chancellor Bouchard’s Orders Against Shawe as ‘Improper and Personal’

Dear Friends,

A broad thank you for the overwhelming feedback on my recent column about some semblance of justice in the TransPerfect case.

Victory and vindication for Phil Shawe from nearly 10 years of Andre Bouchard’s diabolical and premeditated abuse of power is now at hand — it took far too many years — but justice finally prevailed. I have done my best to shine a bright light on Bouchard’s Chancery Court corruption — and reading your many responses from this column truly makes me feel as though my efforts to fight corruption and make Delaware better have not gone in vain. His successors and Skadden Arps’ friends should know my watchful eye remains upon them.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett, Coastal Network

Here’s the top 20. Your thoughts are always appreciated.
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Glad to see Bouchard’s diabolical plan didn’t work.”

The truth comes out. In our court system, it takes years!”

“Glad he’s not on the hook for these sanctions.
Sounds like a white-collar way to steal someone’s money.”

This feels like a vendetta against the judge who already lost his job. He’s been embarrassed and dethroned. How else should he pay?”

This Bouchard guy is a goon and he’s gone.”

Glad good is winning. Keep the coverage coming.”

This story is hard to follow, but I’m glad Darth Vader lost.”

I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying here, Judson. I’m glad the good guy beat the bad guy.

Shawe has been unbending in his pursuit for justice. Have to tip my cap to for him not giving up.

I’m confused by this one, sir. Glad you’re covering this and not me.”

Someone has to prevail over this corrupt system. Good for him!”

I love when truth prevails. It most often does, but takes far too long.”

Thank God the press got involved. No one would have ever known.”

How could Bouchard get so close to stealing this company? How is this legal?

Justice finally to these crooks. Good work, Judson.”

Strine brought in Bouchard and together they sunk the ship.”

They deserve what they got for destroying the lives of the workers.”

I still think whoever took their places will not learn from this injustice.”

Time for this court to pay for these deeds. Keep after them Jud!”

I remain incredulous. This is too deep rooted.”