One of my readers sent me a note pointing out a comment that I missed made at the bottom of a Washington Post article. While the year-old article itself is the usual establishment rhetoric, the thorough comment under the article, which I’ve included below is spot on. I’m focusing on this public Washington Post link because I want Delawareans to know that people outside of our humble state are also seeing that there’s something rotten in our state’s judiciary.

Even folks in our nation’s capitol are seeing that our suspect judiciary under Andre Bouchard (and his former intern at Skadden, Leo Stine) are the ones that are causing our incorporation and business confidence stats to plummet. There appears to be plenty of people out there who get it. If you want to know who benefited from destroying Delaware’s business-friendly image, and in turn, Delaware’s economic prosperity, one needn’t follow the complex money trail — that in my view, would eventually lead to Bouchard’s luxorious Bentley — we can look no further in my opinion. I would say just look at Skadden Arps’ and Potter Anderson’s bank accounts. Chancery Court favoritism and corruption has bled our state’s reputation dry, while seemingly to me simply feathering the retirement nests of Bouchard’s unscrupulous henchmen, Robert Pincus and Kevin Shannon. And just so you think I’m not the only one who is seeing things this way; this Washington Post piece has been up for a year — capturing the nation’s frustration with Bouchard’s nefarious actions in America’s First State.


I’ve written about the handling of the TransPerfect Global case, which has dragged down the reputation of our fine state — remember TransPerfect didn’t need “saving” — it was the largest, fastest-growing, and most profitable company of it’s kind.


Bouchard — with his clerk and now cushy Skadden job holder Mary Toscana ( possible payola!) – wrote what I believe are 105-pages of unsupported lies to justify the government take over of this company — and bleed it dry. The Chancery Court still seeks to mask the money trail from the public – One prominent lawyer mentioned to me this case has the most sealed documents in Delaware history. Make no mistake, there’s no reason for these court records to be sealed; they are simply evidence of how much cash was siphoned from the TransPerfect company coffers by those firms which I believe Bouchard empowered to run the company while he guaranteed them judicial immunity (no matter how corrupt). Again, the Chancellor is not above the law, and the public has a right to know.



Washington Post Letter writer, nearly one year ago today:


“Stephen Gandel failed miserably in writing this garbage article. The courts in Delaware aren’t the saviors of this company – they’re actually a corrupt group of attorneys stealing a company from an owner and employees who want to keep it alive. Please report how the judge, Bouchard, handed the case to his friend and plaintiff’s attorney, Kevin Shannon. Report on how Bouchard appointed his former colleague, Robert Pincus, as the custodian to force the sale of the company. Report how the Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice, Leo Strine, who affirmed Bouchard’s forced sale of the company, is a former colleague of Bouchard. Report how Bouchard, Pincus and Strine all worked/work for law firm Skadden Arps, and now Pincus bills TransPerfect $1,400 per hour to hire his firm’s friends to fleece the company. Report how Skadden’s clients, HIG who owns Lionbridge – TransPerfect’s largest competitor, is “bidding” on the company. Report how Credit Suisse, who owns the debt for Lionbridge/HIG, is consulting for Skadden on this forced sale. Report how Bouchard rubber stamps Bouchard’s bills to TransPerfect for millions of dollars, without letting the public see those bills – while cutting benefits for the TransPerfect employees, which has caused dozens of high-level execs to leave the company in the last two weeks. The “story” is that the court decided to force the sale of the company to “save” the company from the two owners’ bickering. The reality is that the court’s forced sale will ultimately dismantle the company and move thousands of american jobs offshore, so Skadden’s client, HIG/Lionbridge, will be able to service the debt owed to Credit Suisse when HIG “bought” Lionbridge. This is a scam perpetuated by shady lawyers, and the Delaware legislature is doing nothing. Delaware may be the smallest state in the union, but it is making NJ and IL look small time when it comes to corruption and cronyism. Where is the DOJ? Here’s your career case! Just look.”

-John Bruce Dont


As the letter writer stated, he sees this as a scam put forth by sophisticated and dishonest lawyers – how long can our elected leaders sit by and do nothing, as hardworking Delawareans, certainly seem from my perspective, to lie on a bed of Bouchard’s corrupt weeds growing up to choke us. When will the Chancellor have to answer for his actions? The establishment protecting men in robes from their obvious improprieties didn’t work out so well for the Catholic Church — I’m not sure why legislators believe the Chancery Court is any different.


Check out the old, fallacious, and misleading article that the Washington Post letter writer went after.