Dear Friends,

This slight analogy may be a stretch for some of you, but not for me. To be free from tyranny and the establishment of our independence is why we celebrate July 4th every year.

Interestingly, the Supreme Court of the United States arrived at some decisions that free us from the unfair results of Affirmative Action, especially in college acceptance, which became problematic to the point that qualifications became secondary to race considerations. Freedom finally reigns!

Biden’s arbitrary and capricious plan to forgive billions of dollars of student loans, at the taxpayers expense, unfair to those who paid their loans and those who didn’t attend college was also declared illegal by the Supreme Court.

The constitution that our founding fathers created, has in my view, been upheld by the Supreme Court in its recent decisions. Biden cannot make his own laws in regard to spending.

Indeed actions involving major expenditures must be authorized by congress, not by a dictatorial President like Joe Biden.

This folks is part of the democratic freedoms that we enjoy. We are not constitutionally a totalitarian, socialist country. We are a free democratic society with 3 bodies of government, each with its own important designation, thus establishing our independence from tyranny.

The Supreme Court made it clear where the separation of powers stands which is absolutely a significant part of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Let us celebrate these freedoms provided by the Supreme Court, which is part of our independence.

All that being said folks, I hope you had a Happy 4th of July and look forward to the rest of 2023! God bless America.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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