Dear Friends,

I have two issues I intend to point out here that are extremely important and relevant to what is happening!

I am beyond outraged. I am disgusted and ashamed of the country I love. Folks, we have a President named Joe Biden that is not only weak, but compromised, unethical, deceitful, and extremely negligent. He is without a doubt the worst and most incompetent President in U.S. history! That said, the Jews have been persecuted for centuries. Hitler killed 6 million Jews! Once Israel was formed, the Arabs, especially the Palestinians, instead of sharing the prosperity, the Palestinians wanted nothing but to kill Jews, and that has always been their policy. When offered free elections, they chose to elect the terrorist group Hamas (Palestinians) to run their land and were supported by Iran. The U.S. has given millions of dollars to Palestine, through Biden, which ridiculously has been used to buy weapons, build strategic tunnels, and support their terrorist activities! Beyond stupid? Now Hamas viciously has killed 1400 women and children, cutting baby’s heads off and raping women! This is Israel’s 9/11. They have had enough, and rightfully have declared all-out war on Hamas. Israel has completely surrounded Gaza and is going to eliminate Hamas completely. Having achieved a military advantage, now President Joe Biden is calling for a Ceasefire, which would give Hamas time to regroup and continue their heinous activities. Biden is compromised and is in bed with Iran. He should be impeached and jailed for Treason. Think about how idiotic this really is? He is a complete weak-sister that has put the free world at risk!

Folks, what in the hell is wrong with our society? When college Professors, from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and many other Universities teach our children to hate Jews and support Palestinian terror, something is radically wrong. When Palestinian, who are here on student visas, are allowed to protest, waving their flags and creating an atmosphere of danger for Jewish students, something is wrong. These people should immediately be deported. When elected officials in Congress support this terror, something is terribly out of whack. These individuals should be impeached and removed from office. I am sickened by all of this and we must turn this around. There is no room for prejudice and hate creating fear in the United States of America for any ethnic group. I urge those who fund these schools immediately to stop all funding. I urge our society to shun these evil protesters who support Hamas. I urge all employers to not hire these evil people who deserve nothing! The Ivy League should now be called the “Liberal Hate League.” Can you imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to send your kid to these horrible establishments so they can be brainwashed to hate Jews?? God help us!


That is the way I see it. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network