Dear Friends,

Your feedback on my column “Delaware’s Chancery Court and Incorporation Dominance is Shaken For Sure, As Fearful Powers Argue It is Not” has been pouring in over the past month, folks. Here are some that capture what so many of you said: 

“The days of Delaware’s Chancery Court dominance are in our past, sadly, Judson.”
-Roger D 

“You’ve been on this before anyone else I’ve been reading. It’s a shame to see this change happening.” 
-Bob N. 

“Nevada has nothing to lose here. Why not go after Delaware? Our state is vulnerable.” 
-Sharon M. 

“I respect what I read in The Economist. If that publication is reporting on it, then we need to take this much more seriously.” 
-William S. 

“Our incorporation control has been more than dented. Thank you for your words on this, Jud.” 
-Joanne F. 

I appreciate your feedback. Your comments are always welcome.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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